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Cakehole Postcard and a Passel of Personal Appearances [Mar. 22nd, 2012|03:21 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration
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Happy Spring, folks!

To celebrate, here's a postcard I've done for London boutique bakery Cakehole. This image is part of a suite of illustrations I've done for their direct marketing, market stall, and even their van! I hope to share more as the Spring goes on - if you're ever at the Oval Farmer's Market, or any of their other London markets, please stop by and say hello!

In other news, I've come out of my shell a bit (it's hard moving! :) ) and I'm stepping out on the NYC scene a bit.

The wonderful Nicola Streeten is taking her Laydeez do Comics group international, and has asked me to speak at the first ever New York City popup on April 7th! (For a glimpse of my long-time love affair with Laydeez, check out my celebration of Posy Simmonds' appearance on their blog).

Here's where to go: Studio G, South Oxford Space, 138 S. Oxford Street, Brooklyn NY 11217
Afterparty at Pacific Standard! Contact Nicola at "Nicola at laydeez do comics dawt calm" to reserve your place - seating is limited! A $1.50 donation goes towards paying for the space, as it does at London meetings.

My fellow speakers include writer and curator Michael Kaminer, illustrator Bonnie L. Millard, Nicola herself (she's the very highly acclaimed author of Billy, Me and You), and Laydeez co-founder Sarah Lightman (who will be appearing via a video-link!) I'm so excited to share the stage with these folks and talk about Undertow and The Strumpet. Fun starts at 7 PM - be there!

In a second New York appearance, I'll be performing with some of my favorite cartoonists as part of the annual KGB Easter Comix/Graphic Novelist night. This event will be a little different in that I'll actually be reading my comics aloud in front of a crowd - a first for me! Wish me luck, and if you're in town, come along! Also on the bill are the amazing Leela Corman, the swamp-tastic Jon Lewis and Secret Acres soon-to-be-megastar Sean Ford.
KGB is located at 85 E. 4th, and we'll go on at 7PM - I'm excited to be a part of their long-running tradition of fantastic arts events, and very grateful to Robyn Chapman for the invitation to participate.

A lot more news on the way...I've been silent for too long! Hope you're all well, and thanks as ever for reading.

[User Picture]From: suxdonut
2012-03-23 04:43 pm (UTC)
beautiful cakehole drawing!!
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[User Picture]From: ellenlindner
2012-04-01 09:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lottttt Tattttiana!!!!!
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