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Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

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Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn! My Take [Nov. 10th, 2017|04:58 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration
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I did this comic about Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn booksigning as a submission to a comics journalism site. Enjoy!
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Portraits for Chalberg & Sussman Literary Agents [Oct. 23rd, 2017|05:04 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration
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The literary agents at Chalberg & Sussman commissioned me to do some watercolor portraits of their principals for their website - thanks for a wonderful commission!
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NBBC Rock The Pulaski Poster Number 3! [Sep. 7th, 2017|07:59 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

Work in progress for North Brooklyn Boat Club...see you at the party!
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2017|06:29 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

I worked on the illustration for this weekend's 6th anniversary party at Washington Heights community bookstore Word Up Books with designer Mary Ann Wincorcowski - the party's going to be great, come check it out!
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Women in Comics closing lecture at City Tech CUNY, NYC, April 20th 2017 [Apr. 21st, 2017|06:59 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

Thanks so much to Sara Woolley for the invite to be a part of this amazing group of women, talking comics and entrepreneurship at City Tech CUNY last night! And thanks for all the City Tech students and faculty, as well as members of the public, who came out to listen. Here's the link for the exhibition, curated by Sara.

Front row: Paige Pumphrey, Ellen Lindner, Lara Antal
Back row: Marguerite Dabaie, Sara Woolley, Micheline Hess, Laura Alvarez, (the legend) Alitha Martinez, Regine Sawyer, and Alice Meichi Li.

This is me and my former studio neighbor Lara Antal talking some serious comics business...and then losing it. That's my girl.

In other news I am fundraising for The Strumpet 5, and working on a new book proposal...good stuff takes time, but I'm eager for this to get out in the world and into editors' hands!
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Comics Manifest AND The New Strumpet Kickstarter! [Apr. 17th, 2017|05:55 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration
Strumpet 5 cover by Glynnis Fawkes, type design by Elliott Baggott.

Hi all! So much news here! The Strumpet is BACK! Visit our Kickstarter page now to grab a copy of The Strumpet 5 - Origin Stories! We have some truly amazing talent on board for this issue - thanks in advance for your support!

Thanks as well to the wonderful Aaron Williams, who interviewed me for his super-informative podcast, The Comics Manifest! Aaron has interviewed some amazing people lately - Johnny Ryan, Calista Brill, Robin Ha, Andres Vera Martinez and Reilly Brown to name just a few - and I feel really privileged to have my thoughts up in the Comics Manifest with theirs!
Listen here - thanks, Aaron!

But I haven't been just talking and fundraising lately (though those are important)- I've also been working on a new book! AND....drum roll please...attending my favorite NYC figure drawing session, Drink and Draw NYC, run by Mosaic artist (and karaoke legend) Khary Randolph. The models are always great - out-there costumes, ambitious posing, total dedication - and Amy Rose was no exception. See you there next time!

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NoMAA Uptown Arts Stroll Entry [Mar. 22nd, 2017|10:00 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

Hey! I entered the NoMAA Uptown Arts Stroll contest and while I didn't win, I had a lot of fun doing this drawing of three ladies out enjoying the Arts Stroll. *Plus*, it was good experience drawing on the Cintiq.

Congratulations to Alexis Agliano Sanborn, who took home the prize! See you on the Stroll!
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Coloring for the Greatest Ever, Julius Zebra Author Gary Northfield [Mar. 8th, 2017|05:13 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration
My first pass at coloring a strip of famed kids' illustrator Gary Northfield's for National Geographic Kids.

Every freelancer is a Jack-or Jane-of all trades, and one of the more enjoyable secondary careers I've pursued in comics is that of coloring stellar work by other creators (I'll tell you about the others some other time! :) ).

Over the years I've done quite a bit of coloring for my former studiomate, Gary's Garden, Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs and Julius Zebra author Gary Northfield.

Often Gary has multiple deadlines at once, and the man can't do everything (who can?) So I occasionally step in and do the first pass on color for his illustration work.

Do you need a creative colorist to take the brunt of coloring a large job? Or do you have a complex short comic you need to complete on deadline?

Email me and I can quote you some rates for jobs of differing complexity!

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Sketchbook: A Little Ukulele Player [Feb. 7th, 2017|06:59 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

Sketchbooking for a potential new project...lately I've been working on a series of book proposals, aiming to set myself up with a publisher for my next project. Wish me luck!
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The Women's March on Washington D.C. [Jan. 31st, 2017|06:50 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

A quick Cintiq trace I did of a photo by Michael Daryabeygi from the Women's March! Pictured (left to right) are the very powerful Lara Antal, Robin Ha, myself and Hannah Bae!

See you at the next March!
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