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Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

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Undertow, by Ellen Lindner - available NOW! [Mar. 23rd, 2009|03:39 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

(photo courtesy jabberworks and the Deptford Project Cafe- thanks, Sarah!)

It is my very great pleasure to announce that my graphic novel, Undertow, is now available in print!

Jessica Abel, creator of La Perdida, Life Sucks, Radio: An Illustrated Guide and many more, wrote me an amazing quote for the back cover:

"Undertow by Ellen Lindner gives us a close-up view through the back
door of Brooklyn in the sixties—with all the delinquency, drugs, and
trips to Coney Island that implies. Beautifully drawn in sinuous,
sharp style, Lindner's characters, and their fight to do more than
survive, are unforgettable."

Thank you, Jessica!

Now...how to get a copy...

You can have a copy shipped to your door for a very reasonable amount: $11.25 or £8, plus shipping and handling, via the redoubtable Lulu...

You can buy one from me at one of the following events:

The UK Web and Mini-comix Thing - London - THIS Saturday, March 28th - click here for more information.

MoCCA - New York, June 6+7 (conditions TBA!)

LUC 176 - London - June 27th

And, as of next week, I'll be selling Undertow in London's best comix shop, Gosh!, with more stockists to be announced soon.

You can now buy Undertow from the following stockists in the NYC zone:
Desert Island - 540 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
Rocketship - 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn
Jim Hanley's Universe - 4 West 33rd St., Manhattan
St. Mark's Comics - 10 St. Mark's Place, Manhattan
St. Mark's Books - 31 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

And, as always, at Gosh! Right across from the British Museum in the Big Smoke.

Thanks so much to these retailers for their support!

Any questions? Ideas for promotion or review? Comment here or email me at ellen at-symbol littlewhitebird rhymes-with-hot com

From: rainboworchid
2009-03-24 10:41 am (UTC)
There's a slim chance I'll be going on the 'Put People First' march in London on Saturday, and if I do I may go on to the Thing afterwards. But I'm leaning towards having a day at home pottering about, to be honest!
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