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Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

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The Comix Reader Cometh - Plus, NELSON! [May. 9th, 2011|08:07 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

I am super-glad to announce that the Comix Reader is gearing up for a second issue - to launch (fingers crossed) at the upcoming International Alternative Press Fair! (Those with eagle eyes will spot my name on the list of workshops for the IAPF - more on that in the very near future!)

For this issue I'm tackling a very tasty gastronomic development currently rocking the London restaurant scene - the rise of the bubble tea café! I visited bubble tea shops all over New York, Portland, OR, and London in order to research this article - and I'm so pleased the resulting comic soon be in print! Visit the Comix Reader online for more details, and to stay on the lookout for a formal announcement of the mid-June launch party.

While I've got you here - have you perchance heard about Nelson? Horatio to his friends? Vice admiral of the fleet?

Okay - of course you have. But have your heard of NELSON? Collaborative comix biography? 43 UK cartoonists?

Edited by Woodrow Phoenix and Rob Davis and published by up-and-comers Blank Slate Books, this project tells the story of a singular woman, with each cartoonist involved telling a story about one year of her life. It will début at this year's Thought Bubble Festival in lovely Leeds - and if it's anything like last year's corker it's not a festival to be missed! I'm so excited that Rob and Woodrow asked me to be involved - it's been a wild and very enjoyable ride, made all the better by the companionship of fellow Whore of Mensa Jeremy Day, and Fleece Stationers and studiomates Gary Northfield and Sarah McIntyre! Plus a lot of other artists I really admire...wow what a book it'll be!

More news on the IAPF soon but in the meantime, thanks for reading...