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I Love Stripburger: A Series of Talks at Orbital Comics [May. 24th, 2011|11:41 am]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

The geniuses at Alternative Press are planning a mammoth fair this weekend, 28th and 29th May, at London's fab Conway Hall (just off Red Lion Square).

But as if planning London's first ever International Alternative Press Fair wasn't enough, they have gone and imported some of my favourite European artists, the wonderful Slovenes behind Stripburger, to do a show at Orbital Comics!

Perhaps knowing of my love for all things Stripburek (as I believe they're known in Slovenian), the gents at Alt Press have asked me to put together a series of events at Orbital, making the most of both the exhibition and the presence of one Gasper Rus, a long time Stripburger-er coming along to introduce the London populace to the mad genius of this long-running (and Angouleme prize-winning!) anthology.

The marquee event in this posse of splendidness is arguably Paul Gravett's talk with Gasper on 6th June, in which the master of international comics will find out the truth about comics in Slovenia. But with workshops by David O'Connell, Sina Shamsavari, Gareth Brookes and more, all celebrating the wonderful world of DIY cartooning, there's plenty to discover.

You can see the full listing of events - kicking off on 30th May with a Team Girl Comics brainstorming session led by Gillian Hatcher - on the Alt Press website: http://www.alternativepress.org.uk/stripburger.html

Also, you can catch yours truly at the IAPF on Sunday, presenting a workshop on anthologies called "Playing the Anthology Game: A Whores of Mensa Experience". Come one, come all - it's in the Brockway Room at Conway Hall at 3PM. It really is a game, it's fully interactive, and there are prizes to be won! Or come say hello at the Whores of Mensa table, which we're sharing with Comics Apprentice Elliot Baggott
and as many Whores of Mensa as we can fit behind the table!

See you there!