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North Brooklyn Boat Club - Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

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North Brooklyn Boat Club [Jun. 10th, 2016|04:47 pm]
Ellen Lindner - Comics and Illustration

An image for an upcoming event for North Brooklyn Boat Club!

From: (Anonymous)
2016-06-27 09:24 pm (UTC)

Jellyfish Social!

Ellen, your poster for our 5th annual Solstice Party is a masterpiece of subaquatic party promotion and attracted more urban aquanauts than we have ever hosted in our slender graffiti-scrawled alley of a Brooklyn boatyard.
Thank you so much for applying your artistic genius to our mission of getting more New Yorkers safely out on the water under their own power.

Founder & President
North Brooklyn Boat Club
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From: (Anonymous)
2016-08-20 08:45 pm (UTC)


Hi Dewey! It was so nice to meet you and your lovely partner Kathryn (apologies for spelling) at the party! I'm working on a new poster with Roman now, stay tuned, and see you at Rock the Pulaski! best, Ellen
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